Hello, I am Kyla Robinson, the owner of Rebel Luv Clothing. I am a self-taught seamstress and fashion designer of 7 years now. I began my seamstress and design services through making formal wear in my hometown, Quincy, FL. As I progressed in my sewing skills, I began to create swimwear and then moved on to everyday women's clothing. In 2016, I created the brand Rebel Luv and have been building my brand since. 

Rebel Luv Clothing is a brand for young adults with an eclectic, groovy style. Rebel Luv is defined as the act of always choosing to be oneself, which is an act of self-love. Rebels choose to live freely and boldly as their true selves and spreads love to others in anyway they can. Rebel Luv seeks to provide clothing that speaks out, stands out, and uplifts people.  

Remember this, Be Bold. Be Free. Be a Rebel.